Why have a birth Photographer?

Birth is one of the most beautiful stories in the world. Each birth is completely unique. Each life brought into this world by their mother is unlike any other life that has been or will be. Each new life will impact the world, each baby will usher in a story never told, each birth brings new hopes, dreams, disappointments, but most of all love. If there is ever a moment to document and celebrate, it is this. The beginning of a story never told, and will never be repeated again. I want to tell this new story of love, as it unfolds, as it begins. 

How does it work? 

I will be on call 24/7 10 days before and 10 days after your due date. During this time I will not schedule any plans that are unable to be canceled and I will be ready with a go bag of all my equipment so when the time comes I am ready. I only do one birth a month so when that month is booked it is booked. If there are any exceptions to this we will discuss it at the time of booking.

You will give me 3 texts/calls so I can know when to come in. First, an early heads up to let me know you feel labor coming on. This lets me get my child care alerted and prepare to come your way. It is better to give me a false alarm at 2am then for me to miss your birth. So, if you think you are showing any signs, let me know. Second, you will notify me when you are heading to the hospital/birth center. Third and finally you will notify me when you are in active labor (i.e. 4-7 cm dilated, unable to speak though contractions) 

I will be there to capture the active labor, the moments of you giving birth, and the fun stuff post birth (Holding the baby for the first time, getting foot prints and measurements, any early visitors you may have.) I will be there about 1-2 hours after birth depending on how post birth unfolds. (If you would like shots further out than that we should discuss booking a fresh 48 birth session which happens within 48 hours after birth and gets pictures of the new babe and any family and friends you would like documented in that 2 hour session.)

You can expect me to be like a fly on the wall recording the beautiful moments of your birth as it unfolds. My hope is to meet with you in person before you give birth so the first time we meet you are not in labor. Before you give birth we will discuss any specific shots you would like and not like me to get. My goal is to as non-obtrusive as possible so I will not be using a flash or props or asking for any posed shots. 

Since the nature of labor is very spontaneous and unpredictable, I cannot Absolutely guarantee I will make it to your birth in time to document it. Depending on the situation your money paid will go to other photo sessions or be refunded to you. No matter what, I will help you tell the story of your little one beginning his or her adventure in this world.

This is your story. You dictate to me if you have any needs or desires when it comes to me photographing your birth. I am so honored to tell the story of your little one coming into the world. 

What to expect from a birth session:

  • An on call photographer 24/7 10 days before and 10 days after your due date
  • Labor and delivery coverage and up to 2 hours post birth 
  • A disc of 200+ edited high-resolution images from your birth and first moments of the baby's life
  • A blog post of approved images and stories from your birth that you can share with friends and family
  • 10% off of a Fresh 48 Session, Newborn Session, or Family Session


Birth Sessions are $750. If you are birthing out of hospital or hiring a doula I do offer a discounted rate. 

Still have questions? 

Check out my FAQs page or Fell free to email me at Hefferiltphotography@gmail.com