Team E^5

Meet the Elstun family, or as they refer to themselves: Team E^5. They live in the beautiful land of Colorado and Will and I are blessed to call these people family. Raleigh and Kim have three amazing, fun, full of life little boys under the age of 3 (one set of twins!). Words cannot express how much fun it was to watch this family interact with each other. Raleigh expressed with us his passion to set his kids up with the skills to succeed and be their own person without him hovering, and it shows. These boys have a freedom about them to express themselves fully and uniquely. Raleigh and Kim give great love and unique attention to each boy while creating a strong sense of family. At the end of this session I could really understand why they call themselves Team E^5. They truly function as a team: in unity, harmony, and love. We are blessed to tell this story of love and life. I hope these pictures teach you a little more about family and unity as they have taught us.