The Birth of Quinlan

I have realized there are no stories as beautiful as the one of life beginning. My newest adventure is having the honor to tell this story. Amy and Steve allowed me to photograph their daughter Quinlan's birth. I hope this is the first of many lives I will document entering this world. 

Amy and Steve have quite the story to tell. At 33 weeks pregnant Amy had a stroke while on her last business trip to LA. This began weeks of testing and hospital visits and the doctors decided to induce Amy at 39 weeks. As a team they overcame all of these hurtles. Throughout labor Amy was strong and determined; Steve supported her with love and encouragement though each contraction. In the end, beautiful Quinlan was born.

I have never been so honored to tell a story as this. The strength and teamwork showed by Amy and Steve was so incredibly inspiring. It has been said that when a baby enters the world it is like a new color that has never been seen before coming into fruition. Baby Quinlan you are a radiant color, a beautiful blend of your mother and father. Blessings to you Amy, Steve, baby Q, and big brother. Thank you for allowing me to tell your story.