Flores Wedding

Cindy and Andy's wedding day was an absolute blast surrounded by family and amazing cultural traditions. The day began with pure excitement as friends and family gathered around in preparation for the days festivities. To begin the ceremony, a Mariachi band ushered the wedding party in. Cindy and Andy wrote their own vows and they were filled with laughter and a deep and genuine love for one another. As the newly married couple was announced, the Mariachi band got the party started and the dancing began and didn't end until the wee hours of the following morning. The reception was filled with amazing Mexican wedding traditions. They played a Mexican wedding game, "la vĂ­bora de la mar," which translates as the serpent of the sea. The couple was hoisted up by friends and family while Cindy and Andy held napkins tied together to link the couple as wedding attendants ran around the couple quickly while holding hands! They also celebrated together by passing around drinking tequila from a traditional Mexican bull pitcher while dancing. This tradition is known as the "el Torito" and is a celebration of enjoying one another and the moment. The room was filled with laughter and dancing and everyone was welcomed in as family. Cindy and Andy had huge smiles on their face all day long. They talked and looked at one another with so much love and joy to finally be husband and wife. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Flores for letting us capture such a special day. It was an honor to be welcomed in as family and to record a day filled with such love!