Koehler Family

A couple weeks ago I had the pleasure of capturing the new season the Koehler family is in with their newest family member, Noah. Matt and Amanda were married in Hawaii after dating for 7 years. Their first child was their dog Tyson and then came their little girl Charlotte (Charlie) in 2013. Just a couple months ago sweet Noah was born.

The Koehler's love to laugh. Each moment I spent with them was filled with laughter from some game or just from the pure joy of being together. Amanda and Matt take such delight in each other and their kids; even when the kiddos were struggling to have a good attitude, their love and joy for them shined so brightly! Charlie is such a ball of light. Her smile is so huge and her laughs so sweet. She is strong, independent, and has such joy. Noah even in his short life thus far is curious and his eyes hold deep thoughts. He has such sweet smiles and loves to learn more about the world around him.

It was such a blessing to watch this family love on one another and interact. I am excited to see what adventures life takes them on. Wherever they go, I know it will be filled with immense love and joy!