The Birth of Oliver

When I first met Emily she shared with me that all she wanted in life was to carry a child and be a mother. She waited patiently for the right time and right man and now that it has come they have a beautiful son. This is their story. 

On Saturday March 26th at 6:19am I got a text from Emily reading: "MAGGIE!! Just woke up and my water broke!" It was go time. Emily Labored at home for about 8 hours and I met them at Authentic Birth Center in Wauwatosa at 3pm. Emily was so outwardly peaceful though her entire birthing process. I joked with her after her son was born that the most vocal she got was sternly telling her helpers to turn over her cool rag. I say outwardly because if you ask her she explains how she often did not feel like she was being calm. But to all of us we watched as she gracefully breathed through each contraction and steadily progressed. He birth was long, 20 hours total. When we first spoke about what Emily wanted from her birth she said she wanted to be surrounded with support and people that care about her. This is exactly what she had.The whole time she was surrounded by such love. She had two close friends Alissa and Annabel, Alissa's daughters Luna and Zuma, her doula Carolyn, her midwifery team Katy and LaNette, and her husband Jorge. I have never seen a team work together so flawlessly with such love. Throughout the birth, Emily was calmed by water so she spent much of her time in the birthing tub and the shower. Ultimately, she gave birth to precious Oliver very early Easter Sunday morning surrounded by her team. Just as Emily was getting ready to push she sung to her baby to woo him out. She sang the song "Tonight You Belong to Me" under the thousands of lights that mirrored a clear starry night. It was incredibly fitting, beautifully sung, and there was not a dry eye in the room. Oliver was ushered in with great love and beauty, a love that will follow him throughout his life. It was such an honor to witness this story unfold and to work with such beautiful people in such a beautiful place! 

Disclaimer: birth is a raw and beautiful process and there some photos that might be considered a little graphic though for the most part anything sensitive is blocked or blurred.