Rachel and Addison Get Married!

Rachel and Addison have a "go with the flow" spirit about them. Their day was so wonderful and fun because their main goal was togetherness with each other and the ones they hold most dear. Rachel and Addison are filled with such joy just simply spending time with the ones they love. It was such an honor to capture this deep love they share for one another and their friends and family. Rachel's wedding dress was remade from her mother's wedding dress and spoke to the generations of love behind and ahead of her. It also was beautiful; she was just stunning. When I first spoke with Rachel about shooting their wedding she told me she was going to have 12 bridesmaids. Like most people my response was "wow" and her reaction was so sweet saying, "It's a lot, but I didn't want to leave anyone out." Rachel wanted to be surrounded by the love that brought her to this moment - her wedding day. Rachel and Addison were surrounded by an amazing community that has cheered them on throughout their life thus far and I am confident that they will continue to support and encourage them through an adventurous and loving life together. Addison you look at Rachel with such intense love and affection. My prayer is that this love grows with each day you spend as husband and wife. Cheers to you, Rachel and Addison, I pray your life together is filled with deep and loving community and love that spurs on nothing but greater love.