Milwaukee Birth Story | Federwitz Birth

On the morning of February 15th I got an email from Tracy saying that she was going to unexpectedly be induced early. That afternoon she went in to begin the induction process, and about 24 hours later Tracy was in active labor and I headed in to see her. When I arrived you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room. As things progressed everything became more intense and though Tracy had an epidural, the last hour of labor was hard as she labored down and waited to push. Tracy journeyed through these challenging moments with grace as she breathed through each contraction. When her parents got there the love in the room exploded even more. Tracy's mother provided a sweet comfort to her daughter and then waited with Tracy and Doug as their labor transitioned into birth. Doug and Tracy didn't know the sex of the baby so it was a special moment when they found out their little one was a boy!! Baby Harrison was welcomed into the world on the evening of February 16th. He was born into so much love and excitement. He was a unique baby because he managed to not only tie his chord in a true knot (which only happens in 1 out of 2,000 births!!) but he also had his cord around his neck twice. Even though he got all tangled up he was perfectly healthy and went straight to his mama's chest after being born. Doug and Tracy worked together throughout the labor and birth of Harrison. It was beautiful to capture the love and support they have for one another and then capture the moment that their love for each other grew tenfold as they held their boy in their hands. 

Tracy and Doug, it was such an honor to capture the moment that you brought Harrison into the world. You guys have a lot of love and are surrounded by a beautiful family! My hope and prayer for you is that the love in your family continues to grow and grow as each new season in life comes with new surprises and adventures!