Mallory's Maternity Session

This week I am going to be doing a three part series of Mallory's journey into motherhood. I will be sharing her maternity session today and then her birth and newborn session later this week. It has been such an honor to capture this beautiful season for Mallory and Scott. Their home is filled with so much love and this little one has only brought more goodness into this family.

Scott and Mallory have so much fun together. Every time I am with them, laughter fills the room. They have two sweet pups that love to be in the center of it all. They are the babies that are graduating to older siblings. During this shoot, baby was moving a ton and it was so beautiful watching Mallory show Scott where the baby was and letting him feel her move. 

The Summer We Became 3

It is amazing how quickly life can change forever. I woke up on an early December morn and it was the very first day we could find out if we were pregnant or not. I completely expected this day to be like every other day, but it wasn't. That morning I peed on a stick and though the line was very faint it was clear as day we were welcoming a little one into our lives starting that very morning! Will and I began talking about kids when we were 16. So, it was no surprise to all of our friends and family to find out we were expecting a little one. We told our families on Christmas day. Opening presents we gave each couple in each of our families a package. Upon opening they fist saw a jar with a bean in it and then digging deeper found onesies.  The bean symbolized the size of our babe at that very moment and thus baby Hefferilt got his or her very fist nickname- baby Beanie! We are the first grandchild in both of our families and there was not a dry eye in the room. From the moment I found out Beanie was growing inside of me I have been overwhelmed with how loved this babe already is and the love and joy Beanie brings Will and I. As we go through this journey and watch my belly grow Will and I dream of the things we will experience with and teach Beanie. We are so thankful for all of our community and family and the ways they are already lavishing us and our baby with love and support. This journey has already been filled with excitement, anxiety, fun, and stress. But most of all it has been filled with more love than I ever knew was possible and our hearts just continue to grow and overflow. Baby Bean will be joining the Hefferilt family August 2015!