Mckeown Wedding

On the most beautiful October day Ann and Kim promised their forever love to one another. They were married in the church that Ann's parents were wed in, surrounded by the great love of friends and family. The evening that followed was filled with live music, temporary tattoos, tacos, and dancing. Everyone brought such joy and fun into the celebration! Kim and Ann bring out life in one another. It was an honor to watch them interact throughout the day and witness them being most themselves when they were near one another. 

You have a beautiful love, Kim and Ann! We wish you a lifetime of joy and adventure together and pray it continues to bring joy to those you share life with! Cheers to you and the years ahead! 

Kraft Wedding

Laura and Jared are in love... like, I'm talkin' madly in love. Laura has been a friend of Will and I for a long time now. She spends her days working in college ministry and pouring herself out for others. She has an amazingly kind and welcoming heart and we have always known that if she were to decide to get married one day it would be to a very special man. Jared is that special guy. He looks at Laura with such great affection and pours himself out to serve and love her well. I feel so mushy writing this, but it is true! Jared loves Laura so well and the first time we had dinner with these two we just knew that they would spend the rest of their lives together. Jared is an architect and Laura is an artist of many trades including photography and graphic design. Together they create some beautiful things and complement one another so well.

Jared, you love Laura tenderly and humbly walk beside her supporting her to be a generous and loving woman. Laura, you build Jared up and speak beautiful words that beckon him into being more like Jesus. The way you guys love is real and inspiring. My prayer for you is that you remember this love you have begun with. That you continue to look at one another with great love and affection and speak words of truth and strength to one another. I pray you grow in this and learn to do it even more fully so it brings about an even greater love between the two of you and the community that surrounds you. Cheers to you and the many years ahead as you learn and grow in love for one another! 

Hodge Wedding

It was so much fun listening to Erin and Justin's friends and family talk about how deeply they love one another. Their day was filled with such joy to join together these two lives together. There was an anticipation and excitement to see what their great love can do; how it will impact the world and bring about greater love. Erin and Justin have spent months in a long distance relationship and have only had limited opportunity to spend time with each other in person. In this time, it is clear that the way they care for one another has already caused greater love and life in those they come into contact with on a daily basis. Now married, I believe that you, Justin and Erin will impact the kingdom of God in even greater ways. You will bring affection, healing, grace, and peace to your community. Congratulations on the new adventure and blessings to you!