Kamoske-Klein Wedding

On March 23rd Sara and Dustin celebrated their 6 month wedding anniversary!! To celebrate I wanted to share the story of the day that they pledged themselves to one another.

Sara and Dustin make sense together. When I first sat down to meet with them it was hard to imagine one without the other because they so fully lifted one another up and rounded the other out. They are self-described nerds and told me all about their dreams of a wedding at the Milwaukee Public Museum with Lord of the Rings-themed decor. I left our meeting being so excited to see how their vision would come together. Leading up to their wedding day Sara and Dustin reached out to share that they had to face tragedy together with the passing of Sara’s brother, Joel. Throughout this season they leaned on each other and in the hardship dug in deeper to their love for one another.

On their wedding day, Sara and Dustin’s vision came together perfectly! They had amazing weather for their intimate backyard wedding and their MPM reception was so creative and fun. Their ceremony was special because they come from two different faith backgrounds and they uniquely honored and shared traditions from each in order to promise their love to each other. At the reception, people danced and laughed and drank the most delicious custom cocktails and ate amazing food. From thoughtful poems and notes to presents and hugs, Sara and Dustin did so many special things to express their deep love for those they care about most. Their day was filled with laughter, tears, excitement, sadness, pain, and amazing joy. This is love. Their day was filled with so much love. I cannot express how much of an honor it was to capture these two and the way they choose people and one another.

Sara and Dustin, I am challenged by your love and the way you choose to prefer the other. My prayer for you guys is that you continue to change and shape the world around you with your unique hearts for deep and true relationship. Congratulations on your first 6 months of Marriage!

Rozga Wedding

It seems so cliche to say “love was in the air” but it feels too true not to. Amanda and Rhett love fiercely. They ooze love all over the people they come in contact with and they attract people who have a special heart for welcoming others in. Amanda and Rhett’s wedding weekend felt like home. Each person was so unique with various ways that their life intersected with the bride and groom and yet everyone belonged, everyone had a place.

Rhett and Amanda had a full-on wedding weekend. They invited all of their closest friends and family to journey with them far out from any city to stay in funky cabins surrounded by hills and trees. On the day of their wedding it was the most beautiful morning; the ground had a golden glow and the air felt perfect on your skin. Everyone enjoyed a slow morning making breakfast in their cabins, enjoying the company of the community that had joined together to witness and support this union. Rhett and Amanda were wed in the afternoon in front of the most amazing Norwegian pines. The rest of the day was filled with laughter, happy tears, food, and dance.

Rhett and Amanda - you are beautiful souls and Will and I are blessed beyond measure to call you friends. Thank you for challenging us to always pick the path with the greatest adventure! CHEERS to you and the amazing adventure you guys have begun - may your days be full of wonder, community, and joy!

Mckeown Wedding

On the most beautiful October day Ann and Kim promised their forever love to one another. They were married in the church that Ann's parents were wed in, surrounded by the great love of friends and family. The evening that followed was filled with live music, temporary tattoos, tacos, and dancing. Everyone brought such joy and fun into the celebration! Kim and Ann bring out life in one another. It was an honor to watch them interact throughout the day and witness them being most themselves when they were near one another. 

You have a beautiful love, Kim and Ann! We wish you a lifetime of joy and adventure together and pray it continues to bring joy to those you share life with! Cheers to you and the years ahead!