Couple Love

Leilah and Kyle

A few weekends ago Will and I had the lovely privilege of hanging out with these two cool cats! Meet two beautiful people who have been made more amazing my their unity in marriage to one another. Leilah and Kyle got married in August of 2013 (one week before Will and I!). Soon there after they got lovely evergreen matching tattoos to express their love for one another and God's creation. Will and I are so blessed to be a part of your journey. Here is to beginning a crazy, wonderful, adventure of life together! Cheers! 

Todd and Jean

These two beautiful people have been married for 31 years! They have raised two amazing kids, including the love of my life. They came up to Milwaukee to visit Will and I and we were lucky enough to get them in front of our lens. We had such a blast capturing the love that these two have for each other. Cheers to many many more years of love and happiness!