Family Love

Knie Family

Meet the Knie family. Randy is the lead pastor at Brew City Church and Sarah is an amazing stay at home mom. They both love their kids so well and you cannot be around them without feeling the immense love of a mother and father. These two have their hands full with four amazing kids who have adventurous spirits and a great love for life and people. We had a surprise adventure with the Knies when rain spits turned into full rain drops. But, being a resilient family of 6,  this all was taken in stride and we were able to get some beautiful photos! We had so much fun getting to watch this family interact and it was such a blessing to get to capture their relationship and love with our cameras.  


Summer Days

After a long and cold winder in Wisconsin, summer is finally here!! Will and I are blessed to be surrounded by beautiful people with amazing hearts filled with love and adventure. Thus far our summer has been filled with bon fires, lake walks, ice cream galore, and amazing friends. Many of our friends have made crazy, awesome, beautiful children. We are so blessed by the parents in our life that teach us about parenthood and loving well. And the cherry on top was Austin and Claire, our good friends from KCMO, adventured up to see us last weekend and we had a lovely time! Will and I are just bursting at the seams with love and joy because of these people and we are excited to share some of these adventures with you guys!