The Birth of London

Beka texted me at around midnight on March 10th to let me know that she had begun early stages of labor. At around 4am I headed to the hospital. Beka was 4cm at this point and things were progressing. It was her 3rd so I played it safe and headed to meet her. Around 7am Beka's sister and niece joined us and brought Beka some pancakes to keep her energy up and the time to push drew near. Beka has two boys but felt her whole pregnancy that she was pregnant with a girl. Beka did her best to rest through labor and anticipation as she let her body do what it was meant to do. On the morning of March 11th Beka gave birth to a sweet baby girl, London. 

London was surrounded by love as soon as she entered the world. Not too long after birth Beka's sons came and met their new little sister. They were instantly in love with her and so excited to have a little girl joining their family!  Other family members who also came shortly after the birth to meet sweet London. The room was filled with such affection and joy! 

One thing is for sure, you will never go without love, baby girl. Wishing you a lifetime full of love and beautiful relationships, London!

The Birth of Henry

When I have a client who is pregnant with their third+ child, I am always on my toes while on call because labor can go very quickly. True to this Christina's third baby came fast, very fast. At 6:19am on February 22nd Christina texted me and told me that she was feeling a little more "crampy" and that she would keep me posted if things progressed. At 6:52am she texted me and told me that she was "definitely feeling contractions" and that she was "trying to rest." At 8:03am I got a text from Rita, Christina's doula, that she was meeting Christina and Dan at the hospital and that is when I knew things had progressed very quickly. I hopped in my car, dropped off my son at the babysitter and rushed to the hospital. I walked in 10 minutes after Christina had gotten there and she was pushing! Christina pushed for a total of 15 Minutes and into the arms of his father, with a shout of "it's a boy!," baby Henry was born at 8:50am weighing 9lbs 8oz and 23in long!

Watching Christina and Dan as they journeyed through her quick labor and then the hours following as they spent time getting to know their newborn son, was truly an honor. Dan spoke words of encouragement and love as Christina, calm and focused, birthed their sweet boy. They are seasoned parents and they seemed completely in their element as they worked in tandem welcoming their son earth-side. The room was filled with a great love and excitement to welcome a son into their family. Christina and Dan, you exude love and your daughters and son are lucky to be loved and parented by you. Wishing you all the best as a family of 5!  

Hodge Wedding

It was so much fun listening to Erin and Justin's friends and family talk about how deeply they love one another. Their day was filled with such joy to join together these two lives together. There was an anticipation and excitement to see what their great love can do; how it will impact the world and bring about greater love. Erin and Justin have spent months in a long distance relationship and have only had limited opportunity to spend time with each other in person. In this time, it is clear that the way they care for one another has already caused greater love and life in those they come into contact with on a daily basis. Now married, I believe that you, Justin and Erin will impact the kingdom of God in even greater ways. You will bring affection, healing, grace, and peace to your community. Congratulations on the new adventure and blessings to you!