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Anneliese Newborn Session

This post is the last of my series of Mallory and Scott becoming parents to Anneliese. It has been so special to capture the journey and joy of pregnancy, birth, and the first days home with this sweet baby. Anneliese fits into the family perfectly. Scott's sons love her so much and are so sweet with her. They love to hold her and they come up to her and gently stroke and kiss her head. She so clearly loves them too and smiles when they are close. Scott and Mallory are smitten. The whole home is filled with even more joy and love than it was before. Blessings to you all as you continue on this journey of life together as a family; may your love grow deeper each day! 

The Birth Of Anneliese

This is the second part to my three part series this week on Mallory's journey into motherhood. Each birth I have had the honor of documenting has been so different and unique to each mother, baby, and couple. Each one has also been so incredibly beautiful and life changing. Every time a baby is born the world changes forever. I feel that reality each time I capture a birth: the gravity of new life. No matter who that baby becomes or what they do, their life will impact the world. The beginning of a life is crazy amazing and the birth of Anneliese was no different. 

Mallory's birth experience was right in line with who she is as a person. It was filled with laughter, peace and joy, so much joy! Mallory and Scott did not know if they were going to be having a boy or a girl. Mallory has two stepsons with Scott and she wanted a sweet girl now to add to the mix of boys. They spent the hours leading up to pushing looking up names and adding new possibilities to their list. The moment the baby was born and they announced it was a girl was an incredibly precious moment! The joy on Mallory and Scott's face was priceless. SO. MUCH. LOVE! Right after Anneliese was born she found warmth and peace on her mama's chest. Within the first hour she was nursing like a champ. 

What a beautiful day it was, the day you joined your parents in this world, Anneliese. You will bring change into this world; it has already begun and continues to be inevitable and unstoppable. My prayer for you is that the impact you create is fueled by a great and powerful love. Blessings to you on the beginning of a great adventure! 

Mallory's Maternity Session

This week I am going to be doing a three part series of Mallory's journey into motherhood. I will be sharing her maternity session today and then her birth and newborn session later this week. It has been such an honor to capture this beautiful season for Mallory and Scott. Their home is filled with so much love and this little one has only brought more goodness into this family.

Scott and Mallory have so much fun together. Every time I am with them, laughter fills the room. They have two sweet pups that love to be in the center of it all. They are the babies that are graduating to older siblings. During this shoot, baby was moving a ton and it was so beautiful watching Mallory show Scott where the baby was and letting him feel her move.