Hall Wedding

Every memory I have the opportunity to help capture is an amazing honor. It brings me so much joy. Seriously, I cannot explain to you how much of a privilege it is to capture people's biggest life moments and freeze them in time for them. It is particularlly special when it is people I dearly love.

Maggie and Lawton are good friends of Will and I. In our house I refer to them as "my favorites". Their love is beautiful. It is soft, tender, and genuine. Their love challenges me to love better, more fully and sacrificially. Each of them gives so much into their relationships with friends and family; they cherish people and treat them as such. This spills into their relationship with one another and together they are able to love people around them that much more. 

Their day was absolutely beautiful. From the origami seat settings to the amazing flower arrangements, their artistic gifting was on full display. Her dress had an elegant vintage vibe with modern lines and both Maggie and Lawton had these awesome vintage coats. Their food was perfectly crafted, oh so delicious and was washed down by specially crafted blood orange Old Fashions. The best word I can find to describe their community is: texture. They were surrounded by absolutely beautiful people who have such amazing and varied personalities and hearts. 

It was truly a wonderful day and an honor to capture. My prayer for you, Maggie and Lawton, is that your love grows ten fold and drenches all those you come into contact with. It is a blessing to know you. Cheers to the beginning of a great adventure! 

Flores Wedding

Cindy and Andy's wedding day was an absolute blast surrounded by family and amazing cultural traditions. The day began with pure excitement as friends and family gathered around in preparation for the days festivities. To begin the ceremony, a Mariachi band ushered the wedding party in. Cindy and Andy wrote their own vows and they were filled with laughter and a deep and genuine love for one another. As the newly married couple was announced, the Mariachi band got the party started and the dancing began and didn't end until the wee hours of the following morning. The reception was filled with amazing Mexican wedding traditions. They played a Mexican wedding game, "la víbora de la mar," which translates as the serpent of the sea. The couple was hoisted up by friends and family while Cindy and Andy held napkins tied together to link the couple as wedding attendants ran around the couple quickly while holding hands! They also celebrated together by passing around drinking tequila from a traditional Mexican bull pitcher while dancing. This tradition is known as the "el Torito" and is a celebration of enjoying one another and the moment. The room was filled with laughter and dancing and everyone was welcomed in as family. Cindy and Andy had huge smiles on their face all day long. They talked and looked at one another with so much love and joy to finally be husband and wife. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Flores for letting us capture such a special day. It was an honor to be welcomed in as family and to record a day filled with such love! 

Squiers Wedding

Grant and Angie are some of the most genuine people I have met. It is impossible to not feel welcomed and delighted in when around these two. They make you feel valued and seen and they inspire unity wherever they go. Their wedding day reflected all of these characteristics that their relationship with each other blesses this world with. It was such an honor to witness and capture the great joy that each person had in being there to celebrate these two. It was also so beautiful to watch how much Grant and Angie loved each person there, and valued having them there on their wedding day. The day was simple. Grant had his brother as his best man and Angie's sister was her matron of honor. All morning long everyone was checking the weather hoping the impending rain would not spoil their outdoor ceremony. As soon as Angie walked downstairs for the ceremony, the clouds parted and the sun came out. It was an absolutely beautiful evening! The decor was adventure-themed and was simple and lovely! Angie's bouquet was a mix of locally grown flowers by Alt's and they had silk flowers from her mothers wedding bouquet sprinkled throughout. This was such a special detail. The reception was filled with laughter and dancing. Everyone was so thrilled to be there and spend time with good friends and family, and celebrate the two that brought them all together because of love. 

Grant and Angie, you have such a welcoming sprit. My hope for you is that you continue to gather people in with your great love. I hope these photos can remind you of the unity that your love can bring for many, many years to come. Cheers to you!