Milwaukee Birth Story | Sanders Family

Heather and Jeremy for years debated having more children - something always felt like it was missing. Last year they decided they wanted to try for one more little one and they were over the moon with excitement when they became pregnant and found out they were having a little girl to add to their duo of boys who are 8 and 10. 

Heather was induced at 37 weeks due to baby’s size. Their baby girl was also a unique case because they found that her umbilical cord only had 2 vessels vs. 3! This usually causes no complications it’s just a really unique phenomenon that happens in only 1% of babies! Heather did so wonderful thoughout her birthing journey. Her husband Jeremy supported her throughout the long induction process. By her bed, Heather had a picture of her mother who passed away when she was a girl. This image brought comfort and encouragement to Heather as she birthed her own daughter into the world. When baby was ready to come Heather only pushed a few times. Evelyn Mary was gently born into her mother's arms and Heather immediately brought her up to her chest. It was one of the most peaceful and calm births I have ever witnessed. 

The Sanders are now a happy family of 5 and feel complete now that they have their sweet Evelyn Mary. Congratulations Sanders family, may your love continue to grow and grow! 

Lassiter Family

In high school, Allison was one of Will's and my best friends. We did so much growing as humans with one another and learned a great deal about friendship and love. Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Allison and her family and capture a bit of this season of life for them. It was such a blessing to see how much love Allison's family has for one another and the amazing mother and person she has become. I love what I do so much and I am so blessed and humbled by the opportunity to cross paths with so many amazing people.

Happy to know you, Lassiter family! Thank you for letting me capture your love! 

Turbow-Allen Wedding

As wedding photographers, Will and I often come to see our clients more as friends than as clients. Sarah and Andy are those clients; they are the kind of people that you cannot help but be friends with. They have such a gift to welcome people in and make them feel seen and appreciated. By the end of their day I felt like family and felt so privileged to capture two people who bring such a sprit of shalom and welcomeness to every room they enter. 

Sarah and Andy, you love your friends, your family, and especially each other really well. All are welcome at your table. This is an amazing gift and together your marriage is going to bring such beauty into your spheres of influence. It was an honor to capture your union - continue to let your welcoming and loving light shine bright to all that you meet!