Milwaukee Birth Story | Federwitz Birth

On the morning of February 15th I got an email from Tracy saying that she was going to unexpectedly be induced early. That afternoon she went in to begin the induction process, and about 24 hours later Tracy was in active labor and I headed in to see her. When I arrived you could feel the excitement and anticipation in the room. As things progressed everything became more intense and though Tracy had an epidural, the last hour of labor was hard as she labored down and waited to push. Tracy journeyed through these challenging moments with grace as she breathed through each contraction. When her parents got there the love in the room exploded even more. Tracy's mother provided a sweet comfort to her daughter and then waited with Tracy and Doug as their labor transitioned into birth. Doug and Tracy didn't know the sex of the baby so it was a special moment when they found out their little one was a boy!! Baby Harrison was welcomed into the world on the evening of February 16th. He was born into so much love and excitement. He was a unique baby because he managed to not only tie his chord in a true knot (which only happens in 1 out of 2,000 births!!) but he also had his cord around his neck twice. Even though he got all tangled up he was perfectly healthy and went straight to his mama's chest after being born. Doug and Tracy worked together throughout the labor and birth of Harrison. It was beautiful to capture the love and support they have for one another and then capture the moment that their love for each other grew tenfold as they held their boy in their hands. 

Tracy and Doug, it was such an honor to capture the moment that you brought Harrison into the world. You guys have a lot of love and are surrounded by a beautiful family! My hope and prayer for you is that the love in your family continues to grow and grow as each new season in life comes with new surprises and adventures! 

Milwaukee Birth Story | Magnus Family

Amanda called me in the evening on Sunday Jan. 28th to tell me that her water had broken and thus labor was on its way. Within a few hours she began to have contractions. She labored at home throughout the night into the wee hours of the morning on the 29th.

Around 3am we all headed to the birthing center. This time around Amanda decided she wanted an unmedicated birth out of the hospital, choosing to birth at Authentic Birth Center in Wauwatosa. When I arrived Amanda was in the zone working through each wave as it came. Her husband, Brian, was being an amazing birth partner squeezing her hips through each contraction. Soon after getting Authentic, Amanda was ready to get into the tub to help her relax as the waves of labor grew more intense. Her husband was at her side throughout the entire birthing journey rubbing her back, squeezing her hips, and holding her close. Baby Porter was born at 7:15am and placed on his mama’s chest. They waited to find out the gender of their little one so it was quite an exciting moment when they found out they had a son! Porter is Brian and Amanda’s second born and little brother to their daughter Ella. 

Amanda and Brian, you make an amazing team! It truly was an honor to capture your beautiful birthing journey. You have so much love in your hearts and are spreading that love with your little ones! I pray the love in your family continues to grow and to be contagious to all you come into contact with! 

Milwaukee Birth Story | Sanders Family

Heather and Jeremy for years debated having more children - something always felt like it was missing. Last year they decided they wanted to try for one more little one and they were over the moon with excitement when they became pregnant and found out they were having a little girl to add to their duo of boys who are 8 and 10. 

Heather was induced at 37 weeks due to baby’s size. Their baby girl was also a unique case because they found that her umbilical cord only had 2 vessels vs. 3! This usually causes no complications it’s just a really unique phenomenon that happens in only 1% of babies! Heather did so wonderful thoughout her birthing journey. Her husband Jeremy supported her throughout the long induction process. By her bed, Heather had a picture of her mother who passed away when she was a girl. This image brought comfort and encouragement to Heather as she birthed her own daughter into the world. When baby was ready to come Heather only pushed a few times. Evelyn Mary was gently born into her mother's arms and Heather immediately brought her up to her chest. It was one of the most peaceful and calm births I have ever witnessed. 

The Sanders are now a happy family of 5 and feel complete now that they have their sweet Evelyn Mary. Congratulations Sanders family, may your love continue to grow and grow!