We are a husband and wife team when it comes to shooting weddings. Will and I are passionate about telling the story of your day and capturing memories that can then last forever. We shoot weddings like we tell stories, from beginning to end. We capture every moment from the wedding party preparing for the day to the final send off of the newlyweds. Because of this, we don't offer multiple packages with many prices, time limits, and photos included. We have one package and it includes everything. We also have a documentary approach to wedding photography. Though throughout the day we get some the posed photos of your family and wedding party, a majority of the photos we capture are simply recording the events as they unfold. We aim to be more like a fly on the wall and record more than pose. Because of this, you will get to remember your day as it happened and how the day unfolded. 

What you can expect from a wedding shoot: 

  • 2 photographers to photo-journalistically capture and tell the story of your entire wedding day
  • A disc of 400+ edited high-resolution photos from your wedding day that you have printing rights to
  • As many group posed family photos as needed for the size of your family
  • An artistically created blog post comprised of stories and images from your wedding day that you can share with friends and family
  • Discounted Engagement shoot rate
  • 10% off of your next photoshoot with Hefferilt Photography