Getting to know the Hefferilts

Her last name was Heffernan. His last name was Wetherilt. Together, they became the Hefferilts. 

We are high school sweethearts, parents to little Emmaus, and adopted Wisconsinites (though Kansas City will always be our hometown).  

I went to Carroll for photography and global studies. I am a stay at home mama and owner of Hefferilt Photography and Felt, spending most of my days doing mom life and editing photos. I am in love with the journey of birth and am passionate about capturing all the beauty surrounding the birthing process. I use photography to tell stories. Unscripted moments are my favorite to capture; the moments when a family or a couple or an individual is fully living and loving as if no one is watching. For years I have also dreamed about becoming a doula and after capturing many births and acting as a doula in some, I am officially beginning the doula certification process.

Will went to MIAD for design and during the day is an Industrial Designer. He is obsessed with good coffee and cycling. He too has a passion for capturing life's most real moments and showing the beauty in the mundane. Will and I shoot weddings and engagement sessions together.  

Together we love to create things with our hands. We are madly in love with our little man Emmaus and adore watching him grow and explore the world around him. We choose to be outdoors whenever possible and travel whenever the opportunity arises. We are foodies and are always looking to eat something new.  We are passionate about justice and constantly work towards making it a reality in Milwaukee through learning from, volunteering with, and supporting various non-profits. Most of all, we are in love with Jesus and rely on him to make us new daily. We love community and one of our most favorite things is getting to know people's stories. We believe love is at the root of all good stories and whether it is romantic, familial, or friendly we love to learn about and talk about love. This is why we are photographers; we want to tell stories of love.