Lassiter Family

In high school, Allison was one of Will's and my best friends. We did so much growing as humans with one another and learned a great deal about friendship and love. Over the holidays, I had the opportunity to spend some time with Allison and her family and capture a bit of this season of life for them. It was such a blessing to see how much love Allison's family has for one another and the amazing mother and person she has become. I love what I do so much and I am so blessed and humbled by the opportunity to cross paths with so many amazing people.

Happy to know you, Lassiter family! Thank you for letting me capture your love! 

Turbow-Allen Wedding

As wedding photographers, Will and I often come to see our clients more as friends than as clients. Sarah and Andy are those clients; they are the kind of people that you cannot help but be friends with. They have such a gift to welcome people in and make them feel seen and appreciated. By the end of their day I felt like family and felt so privileged to capture two people who bring such a sprit of shalom and welcomeness to every room they enter. 

Sarah and Andy, you love your friends, your family, and especially each other really well. All are welcome at your table. This is an amazing gift and together your marriage is going to bring such beauty into your spheres of influence. It was an honor to capture your union - continue to let your welcoming and loving light shine bright to all that you meet! 

Mckeown Wedding

On the most beautiful October day Ann and Kim promised their forever love to one another. They were married in the church that Ann's parents were wed in, surrounded by the great love of friends and family. The evening that followed was filled with live music, temporary tattoos, tacos, and dancing. Everyone brought such joy and fun into the celebration! Kim and Ann bring out life in one another. It was an honor to watch them interact throughout the day and witness them being most themselves when they were near one another. 

You have a beautiful love, Kim and Ann! We wish you a lifetime of joy and adventure together and pray it continues to bring joy to those you share life with! Cheers to you and the years ahead!